This year, the meeting will be organized around 5 symposia, a plenary lecture and a special session gathering young scientists from Taiwan.

The following speakers agreed to come


Plenary lecture : Denis Noble (Oxford, GB)


Role of ion channels in cytoskeleton dynamic and cell migration

Organized by Bruno Constantin

- F-J Martin-Romero (Badajoz, Spain)

- A Fiorio Pla (Milano, Italy)

- L Rodat Despoix (Amiens, France)


Regulation of potassium channels in physiology and pathology

Organized by Raphaël Rapetti-Mauss

- G Abbott (Irvine, USA)

- G Sandoz (Nice, France)

- M Puljung (Oxford, UK)


Physiopathology of cardiac pacemaker activity and biological pacemakers

Organized by Matteo Mangoni

- A-M Gomez (Chatenay, France)

- M Boyett (Manchester, UK)

- I Cohen (Stony Brook, USA)


Regulation of ion channels by steroids and lipids

Organized by Dimitra Gkikka

- M Potier-Cartereau (Tours, France)

- J Oberwinkler (Marburg, Germany)

- I Derler (Linz, Austria)


Toxins and natural tools: towards their uses in Public Health

Organized by Sylvie Diochot

- L Rash (Brisbane, Australia)

- T Goncalves (Saclay, France)

- S Peigneur (Leuven, Belgium)



Taiwan Channel and Neuroscience Consortium

Organized by Emmanuel Deval and sponsored by the France-Taiwan ORCHID partnership

C-Hs Tan, C-C Chen, C-KYao, S-B Yang (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)